Project Idea: Teacher Gifts

Last week was so emotional. My daughter moved up a class and changed teachers. I have such mixed feelings about this, as I did at this time last year, when I felt EXACTLY the same way. For a full year you put your trust in these teachers, you get to know them, and they are one of the few, aside from yourself, who knows all your child’s quirks. Their attitude. Their nuances. And even though we only moved classrooms, and these teachers are for the most part still there, it’s never quite the same is it? (Excuse me while I run to get a tissue) Some of these teachers left – as they’ve found new opportunities – there were tear-filled goodbyes.

I wanted to show them how much we appreciated them over the past year, even though a gift can never speak as loud as your thoughts. I know they get paid for their job, but for someone who watches my child 50 hours a week, I can never express enough gratitude. Last weekend, my Mom helped me sew together the zipper bags. They turned out so cute! I was so happy with the results.

I wrote an individual note to each teacher, sharing our appreciation (all from my daughter’s perspective of course). I designed a card and included the thank you pictures I took from the previous weekend. And to add a touch of “personalization” – I cut out a “bite mark” in the upper right corner of the cards – as she is well-known for her biting habits (not good, I know). But truth nonetheless.

I then printed out her most recent photo to include. Made some labels from a template I found via Pinterest. And voila! Handmade with love. Seriously.

Very easy. Very sincere. Very doable. Need I say more. I hope they were well received! It didn’t hurt that I may have also loaded them down with cookies.


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