Do You Stress Bake? I do!

I’m stressed out. Lots of things on my plate right now. And instead of relaxing and vegging on the couch to watch a good chick flick like a normal human being, my neurotic tendencies seems to increase ten-fold. So what do I do? I bake. Not necessarily for myself or for my family. Nine times out of 10 I’ll send it to my husbands work the next day. But it’s what I do. Either that, or I clean. And that didn’t sound quite as attractive tonight.

Luckily, my stress-release coincides with my daughters last day of Infant III class. She’s moving classes and changing teachers. I have such mixed feelings about this, as I did at this time last year. For a full year you put your trust in these teachers, you get to know them, and they are one of the few, aside from yourself, who knows all your child’s quirks. Their attitude. Their nuances. And even though we are only moving classrooms, and these teachers will for the most part still be there, it’s never quite the same is it? (Excuse me while I run to get a tissue) Some of these teachers are leaving – as they’ve found new opportunities. So there are going to be some tear-filled goodbyes.

And on top of all this, I am dealing with the issues of finding a balance between work and life. Oh, that golden question, that never has the easiest of answers, now does it?

I was browsing Pinterest recently (find me: Colleen Koenig) , as I can be found most late evenings and early mornings, and came across several glorious baking recipes. I have always loved to bake. Not so much cook – those recipes never seem to work out right. But baking, has always panned out (good pun!). In fact, here I am at age 7 or 8 holding my blue ribbon from a local 4-H Baking Competition (please don’t hate the ’80’s style – it was SO in back then):

I made a Hummingbird Cake – I’ll never forget that thing. My mother picked out the recipe – I thought it sounded terrible. I only remember trying it maybe a handful of times. But I’ve been known to have a bit of a theatrical streak – and I did end up getting my BBA in Marketing – so I think my sales techniques must of really rubbed off on the judges. And when it was time to go to auction (yes, a baking auction!), kaboom! $100. for. a. cake. Have you heard of this nonsense? I love it! One day I’ll pay it forward to my local 4-H  – if they are even still doing this anymore. Do kids even appreciate $100 anymore? Or would they scoff? All these questions…

Anyway, back to my point (I tend to ramble, stop me if you can)….

Pinterest. Right.

I came across a delightful recipe from the Lovin’ in the Oven blog – Chocolate Chip Oreo Cookies – and boy did I have to try these bad boys. I mean…hello?? A cookie, that uses another cookie as an ingredient in a recipe?!? That’s INSANITY. I had to. I just did. So I stopped at the store on the way home, got all the ingredients I lacked, and whipped up a batch when I got home. Observe.

STOP! This is where you get to vent your stress and beat the you-know-what out of some cookies! Choose your weapon:

and unleash the FURY!

And I think you know where to take it from here. I made enough to take to KT’s teachers and also to take some extra to work. Can’t wait to see what the review is on these guys!

As a side note: I need to work on my food photography. There are no plans to turn this into a foodie blog, but on occasion I’ll post something and I’d at least like to make the end result appear scrumptious!



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2 responses to “Do You Stress Bake? I do!

  1. So how were they?! Mmmmm…

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