DIY: Picture Frame Bow Holder

Finally, a DIY that I did all myself! I don’t know how many DIY’s I’ve tagged on Pinterest over the past month with the intention of actually doing one, knowing that there is not enough time in the day to possibly get around to another project. But, KT is in desparate need of a bow holder, not that she has any intention of keeping them in her hair. While I find all the flower bow holders out there really cute, my style is slightly more modern, so I needed something that would be cutesy enough for a girl, but wouldn’t be too overboard for me.  Insert this DIY.


Cheap photo frame. If you’re into embellishments, the gaudier, the better. Me, not so much. I chose a simple frame that was on the sale rack for $4.99 (win!). 

Decorative ribbon. You can use all one color if you want, but I wanted something bright to offset the white I was planning on painting the frame with. I scored these for $1.00/each at Michael’s.

Sandpaper. You’ll need to prep your frame before you spray paint it. I tried my husbands electric sander, trust me, hand sanding works well enough. Particularly if you do have embellishments on your frame. The electric sander can be a little…over enthusiastic if you understand what I mean.

Semi-Gloss (or Gloss) Spray Paint. I chose a semi-gloss, but in retrospect think I should of gone with a glossier finish. White was my color of choice as my daughter’s room and bathroom have more than enough color. Make sure you research the correct way to spray paint. I was a bit too excited and started spraying in no particular fashion. After noticing several paint runs on my frame, I had to do some extra sanding and retouching. Avoid if at all possible.


Step 1. Sand down your frame (does this frame look different then the above? That’s because we had a DIY failure on the first frame. Something involving staples. That’s all I’ll say :). Make sure to wipe down your frame with a dry rag afterward to remove any sanding residue.

Step 2. Place the frame on a drop cloth, newspaper or cardboard surface. Something you don’t mind getting paint on. Proceed to spray paint the frame using a rhytmic left to right swipe. I hope this makes sense. Sounds a little bizarre putting this down in writing. Make sure you cover all exposed pieces of the frame. I didn’t care about the backside, as it will be against the wall, but make sure to evenly spray the sides of the frame. Follow dry time instructions according to the spray can.

Step 3. Once your frame is dry, cut your ribbon to the length of the frame with about an extra 1-2 inches to spare. Evenly space the ribbons and tape to hold in place. Taping really came in handy. This allowed me to analyze the distances in between the ribbons and adjust before committing to the staple.

Step 4. Once you’ve decided that your ribbons are good – proceed to staple them in to the frame. A simple staple gun will do – my husband hooked me up with his fancy gun. It was fun to use. 🙂

Step 5.  Cut off excess ribbon.

Step 6.  Hang your frame and pin on some bows!



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2 responses to “DIY: Picture Frame Bow Holder

  1. Really cute! I love the new frame too 🙂

  2. Pat

    I love it! At least now when you find her bows on the floor that she has pulled out of her hair, you have a place to put them! ha! Very nice!

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