Brushfire Fairytales

One of my closest girlfriends is having her second baby this July – another baby boy! She claims she’s the worst designer, but I don’t think she gives herself enough credit. I just think she second guesses her design choices! For instance, when I asked her what Baby 2’s (as yet, unnamed) room color would be, she said it was a toss up between blue/brown or green/brown. So, I tried to stick within those parameters. But, I found myself trying to guess the shades she’d use, or what if it didn’t go, and I tried to be too matchy-matchy. So I scrubbed that entire idea, and went with my gut.

Said girlfriend used to live on the beach, and still has a fondness for anything beach-related. Her wedding colors were brown, turquoise and coral (beautiful combination, might I add). So, after perusing my fabric sites, I found THE set – and I must say, this is one of my favorite quilts thus far. Which surprises me, since I never thought I was one on ‘themes’ – and this quilt is close to one.

Maybe it’s because of the tranquil colors that exude relaxation and peace. I envision Jack Johnson strumming out one of his tunes (doesn’t hurt that he’s still one of my favorite singers). In fact, this vision brought about the name of this quilt, Brushfire Fairytales. I think it fits perfectly.

Definitely hoping to add this one to the shop!


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